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Posted by paolo on 22 January, 2007

Ruini, if Saint Jesus Christ told everybody to forgive, why the hell you didn’t celebrate Welby’s funeral while you think to be illuminated by the same Jesus? From your old point of view he was a sinner, OK, but why the hell you didn’t forgive him? I bet that Jesus Christ wouldn’t have behaved the same…


2 Responses to “Ruini”

  1. Dear Paolo, Jesus told everybody to forgive those who ask for forgiveness.
    Who are you for betting what Jesus would have done?
    I bet Rev. Em. Ruini has more degrees in moral theology than you – am I wrong?

    (forgive my rough english, please. i’m not drunk yet.)

  2. paolo said

    [I’m sure I became a sinner when I judge Ruini, ’cause if we don’t judge we won’t be judged]
    I believe we have to forgive even if there’s no request for it. Maybe I’ve misunderstood Jesus’ words. It’s really easy it has been happened! In that case we have to forgive only if they ask us to do so. But sounds strange to me.

    And I bet because I can bet :) I’m not betting what Jesus would have done but I only just bet what Jesus would not have done.
    And all the degrees Ruini has make me happy ’cause all the time he spent studing he could have achieved some real help to the needy: I strongly believe ther’s no religion in perfect clean places, if you understand what I mean.
    But I should have prefaced that I do truly believe that the Church is at the opposite of what it should be.
    Thanks for commenting, and forgive my english too. I’ve the same “feature” when I’m drunk! You should have listen to me when I was at the last Oktober Fest after some liters of beer: a mother tongue speaker!

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