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Posted by paolo on 22 February, 2007


What a shame! Do you believe that a site could have be paid 45.000.000,00 €uros? And 80.000,00 €uros only the logo? And that site seems to come from the dinosaurs’ age?

There’s is a *double*, yes, *DOUBLE* flash intro, that although is skipable, it’s been showed to the user even if he already has seen it! Then there are also that UGLY URL that will not help Search Engines…

I don’t want to talk more about it and its MANY flaws. Only the word SHAME came to my mind and if I try to think of what kind of website (or “portal” if you wish) can came out from 45.000.000,00 €uros I begin to cry…

I want to thank all the Italian politicians because of that shame and for all the others shames they keep on doing every single day God give us!


P.S.: HTML 4.01!


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Posted by paolo on 17 February, 2007

I’m used to search on Google the nickname &&/|| the email@domain of the users that register with my hi-traffic WP site, and I usually do it after the notification mail arrives in my inbox.

Today has been the day of the nickname “natalykorah ” and I’ve found that this seems to be a bot, or you can try to explain me how the hell he results to be registered in *so many* forum/blog in just a couple of days? Let’s take a look on Google/search?q=natalykorah!

I dunno why this bot registers in every place it can, maybe for spam purpose, maybe trying to exploit some vuln, but in my log this bot came directly to the wp-register.php page, so I’m going to delete it right now and ban* the domain.

[ *ban thanks to the Registration Blacklist Plug-in ]

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Posted by paolo on 3 February, 2007

Yes, it’s true. No-one of my friends would have believed me but I’ve jumped on the Vista’s train, thanks to the new laptop (my father) bought (me) a week ago. I’m using (micro-) computers since I remember (Vic-20, as Linus T.!) and I spent my life most of my day on a couple of them, so I think I can judge very well the experience that a SO can give me, ’cause, you can imagine, I’m a super-uber-geek-power-mega-user-TOGA-TOGA-TOGA :D

Well, Vista seems to be e a good SO, smooth, cool, secure, (not so) fast (as XP), and it surely helps the occasional user to be more productive but I think it can brakes the power-user a bit. I’m not talking of myself, ’cause I’ve just began using it, but mine is just a feeling.

My little experience is that I’m already trying to resist to the temptation to erase the HD and install a Gentoo to (feel the power of the Core 2 Duo) have more control as I know Linux better than Vista, BUT I want to resist ’cause I really want to give a chance to this SO! :)

I can’t hide that I’m not very impressed: in just one week I’ve already seen my Vista not showing me one Panasonic cam I attached to the USB and my wireless connection disappearing when I insert the PCMCIA Firewire to attach another cam forcing me to reboot the laptop to have it back… It’s not a good start. And Monday I’m going to call the MS tech support about that problems but I already know how it can be to call such a big company…

Update1: can’t copy 3-4 Gigabytes of files from another pc via wireless (using normal Windows’ share). The connection timeout. Holy crap!

Update2: can’t view my XviD! Windows Media Player just make me hear the sound, and so does VideoLan… Holy Crap2!

Update3: changing an option in VideoLan (Yuv->RGB hardware conversion) my XviD are back.

Update4: ArchiCAD10 crashed every click I do :\

Update5: Active Virus Shield can’t finish the installation :\ Damn Vista!

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Captcha with sound

Posted by paolo on 1 February, 2007

I should write a library/extension/whatever to have a CAPTCHA in PHP with an mp3 sound for the accessibility. Or at least I’ve to check if someone already wrote something :)

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