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Posted by paolo on 17 February, 2007

I’m used to search on Google the nickname &&/|| the email@domain of the users that register with my hi-traffic WP site, and I usually do it after the notification mail arrives in my inbox.

Today has been the day of the nickname “natalykorah ” and I’ve found that this seems to be a bot, or you can try to explain me how the hell he results to be registered in *so many* forum/blog in just a couple of days? Let’s take a look on Google/search?q=natalykorah!

I dunno why this bot registers in every place it can, maybe for spam purpose, maybe trying to exploit some vuln, but in my log this bot came directly to the wp-register.php page, so I’m going to delete it right now and ban* the domain.

[ *ban thanks to the Registration Blacklist Plug-in ]


6 Responses to “natalykorah”

  1. Meg Smith said

    Huh! I too, google peeps who register, or try to, and today I found you whilst looking for “natalykorah ” Congrats, you made page two google! :)

  2. slawek said

    thanks, did the same

  3. Tubby said

    The bot just registered on my site! Didn’t leave much information in the fields I provided so I figured I’d google the username and see where else they registered and came across your page!

    Nice entry

  4. paolo said

    And today the winner of a ban is @*!

  5. […] by paolo on April 11th, 2007 As in the other post about natalykorah today I’ve found “votnutingin” ( that will be banned by the […]

  6. HayManMarc said

    Nice blog, paolo! I wonder if it would be a good idea for someone to make a site listing these stupid bots for us to easily find them out. Yeah, I think it is a good idea … but not something i’m interested in doing, really….(tedious!)

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