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Joost invite

Posted by paolo on 21 April, 2007

Well, I’ve got a couple of Joost Invites and nobody of my friends knows what Joost is wants it. So I think I can give them out just here. I’ve thinked about it after looking at the actual second place of the Technorati’s “Top searcheas” that looks like the title (and so the permalink) of this post… Let’s see if they are so popular like it seems…

Edit: sorry guys! No more invitation left! :(


54 Responses to “Joost invite”

  1. Tommy said

    Am I in?

  2. paolo said

    Whohu, you’re fast Tommy! You’re in: Invite sent.

  3. Manni said

    Hi, I want one too :)

  4. paolo said

    Ok, sent to you too even if reading your blog seems that you already have one :)

  5. Manni said

    There are two writers of my/our blog and I was the one without Joost. Thanks a lot ;)

  6. Tom H. said

    I would really like a joost invite. I have been looking for one for weeks!

  7. Adam said

    hey, i would really like to have one please. :)

  8. paolo said

    @Manni: you’re the one with the post with the Lovenbrau (I love Oktoberfest!), so you deserve it!

    @Tom H.: sent!

    Now… goodnight to all the hungry-joost’s-invites people!

  9. Frank wat said

    send me one. i’ll even pay for it through payapl!!

  10. Nico said

    Hi! I would also love to have an invite, please… Thank you!

  11. Marie said

    I would love one if you’ve got any left – I’ve been keeping an eye out for one for awhile.

  12. Martin said

    I’d appreciate to be invited by you… :-)

  13. Hi Paolo! Can I have an invite please? I want to try Joost out and won’t mind coming back here to share my opinions of it.

  14. Richard said

    Hey if you have any left I would love one


  15. Nazeer said

    Can you send me an invite if you have one for Joost at


    Nazeer N.V

  16. Ernst said


    I’d sure appreciate a Joost invite. Thanks!

  17. nadeem said


    Please send across an invite this way if you can,


  18. turmbergvirtual said


    I’d be very happy about an invite! (turmbergvirtual at Thanks!

  19. maizein said

    Can I also get an invite? I live in Brazil, and free TV really sucks here, and cable is very expensive. I believe Joost is a great product and will for sure be a huge success!

  20. maizein said

    Hey Paolo, one more thing. Have you ever thought about putting contextual adds on this blog (like AdSense)? Joost is starting to become a hot topic, and soon you’ll have lots of visitors.

    Thanks, and if you could send me an invitation, I’d really appreciate it.

  21. Roman said

    Hi there,

    Any chance an invite is available?



  22. Manni said

    You speak german? There were only Loewenbrau cups, but it was a brasilian beer in them. It tastes not so good as german. I havent ever been to Oktoberfest, but I hope to visit it someday. Greets.

  23. dice99 said

    i would really like to have an invite. the concept is amazing.

  24. vale1217 said

    ehehe this is an amazing way to get traffic on your blog, isn’t it? I doubt there’s any left, but if you spare an invite I’m here ;)

  25. Michael Garrett said

    If you still have any invites, I would love one. Let me know!

  26. paolo said

    Thanks all for the attention, but there are no more Joost invites here. I hope to receive others soon so that I can go on. In the case I’ll send you a mail asking if you’ve not already received one.
    Right now my Joost doesn’t work too, it tells me about a net problem: I think they’ve gave too many invites :P
    Again, thanks all.

  27. Hello,

    If anyone still has a joost invite to send me pleade, I would be so very grateful, Thank you

    Thanks again


  28. Diego said

    Please invite-me!

  29. Ryan said

    Please send me an ivite to Joost. I’ve been trying for a month now! Please…

  30. Tim said

    I’d love an invite if one is still available.


  31. paolo said

    I’ve sent all the invites here from the date of the other post. So just ask if you want one :P

  32. Sav said

    Have really been looking forward to this, if someone could send me an invite I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Email: WantJoost(at)Yahoo(dot)com

  33. madok said

    I also would love an invite to joost. Anyone have a spare?
    Mahalo from Kauai

  34. MrMoodle said

    Please oh please oh please if you have any invites left I would LOVE one!

    *Super Karma Points*

  35. paolo said

    @MrMoodle, Madok: Sent!

  36. Preety said

    Do you have one left ? Am very interested in one. Bless you


  37. mehmet said

    I would like an invite please

  38. paolo said

    @Preety, Mehmet: sent.

  39. Avnir said

    Could you send one here too.


  40. filippo said

    ne hai uno per me per cortesia??
    idrinkcoffee83 at hotmail dot com
    grazie mille!!!!

  41. paolo said

    @Avnir, Filippo: both sent! :)

  42. Nico said

    I’m also looking forward to join Joost :)
    my email is nico[_]greant[@]hotmail[dot]com

    Thanks in advance!!!

  43. paolo said

    @Nico: sent!

  44. Nico said

    Thx Paolo, but I can’t join :(
    At I’m still asked for a password which I didn’t receive in your invite mail.
    There was only a download link for Joost Beta provided :s

  45. Nico said

    “Paolo Gabrielli suggested that we invite you to participate in the Joost betatesting program. Hi Nico, I’m watching “TKO 14 – Kajan Johnson vs Thierry Quenneville” on Joost and I knew you’d want to see this too so here is an invite just for you. As you may know […]”

  46. paolo said

    Nico, once you have downloaded the Joost client (use the new version released yesterday) fire it and use it to create a Joost name/password.

  47. Nico said

    Great Paolo, it works now :)
    Glad I finally joined !!!

  48. T-Jim said

    Can I get one? Thanks!

  49. paolo said

    T-Jim, sent!

  50. Jessie said

    invite please?


  51. paolo said

    @Jessie: sent.
    P.S.: I found your comment in the spam :P

  52. Josh said

    It looks like Joost has opened up and allowed users to issue unlimited invites now. Any chance I could please get one from you?

    Thanks, and nice blog!

  53. paolo said

    @Josh: sent.

  54. hiiiii said

    send me an invite ps.

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