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Saturday, Metro Olografix Hackin Party

Posted by paolo on 17 May, 2007

At the beautiful Palazzo Sirena, Saturday and Sunday will take place the Metro Olografix Hacking Party. After looking at the abstracts I think I’ll go on Saturday, after the lunch and I’ll come back home before dinner if I don’t meet someone I know or I know someone I meet :)

May the TomTom be with me! Just kiddin: it’s only 90Km south and the road is plain simple.

See you there!


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Joost goes live

Posted by paolo on 1 May, 2007

As I’ve just read on [via Digg], and tried myself, Joost finally decided to give unlimited invites to existing testers!

So, if you want one… as the previous post… just ask again if you doesn’t have received one because now they are unlimited :P

( Maybe a lot of other people are going to spread Joost, so I’m not going to cry if nobody comments this :D )

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