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Joost goes live

Posted by paolo on 1 May, 2007

As I’ve just read on [via Digg], and tried myself, Joost finally decided to give unlimited invites to existing testers!

So, if you want one… as the previous post… just ask again if you doesn’t have received one because now they are unlimited :P

( Maybe a lot of other people are going to spread Joost, so I’m not going to cry if nobody comments this :D )


30 Responses to “Joost goes live”

  1. tom said

    Would love an invite. Thanks!

  2. Kelly Killeen said

    I would love an invite also if you have any more to give out. I can’t wait to try this!

  3. Mike said

    Paolo, I would like one also. Thanks :)

  4. paolo said

    Both sent!
    But I’m sorry that only the half of the other invites I’ve sent have been used…

  5. James said

    Yes, please, if you would be so kind as to send an invite I will be eteranally grateful!

  6. paolo said

    Mike: sent!

  7. paolo said

    James: sent.
    But not it seems that I only have one left :P

  8. tom said

    thanks man!

  9. Mike said

    Thanks! You rock!!!

  10. Ron said

    If you have any left I would love an invite as well.

  11. James said

    Got it. Thanks again, bro.

  12. Corie said

    I would love an invite. Thanks very much.

    CorieDCook @

  13. paolo said

    Ron: sent.
    See ya tomorrow guys.

  14. Ron said

    Thanks man :D

  15. Dan said

    I would like one please

  16. Dan said

  17. stilfx said

    Pretty Pretty Please?

    Rock on! (-:

  18. Matt said

    Paulo, I would love one. Thanks man.

  19. Matt said

    Sorry Paolo =]

  20. John said

    Would love an invite! This one has me geeked!

  21. Patrick said

    Hello, would like one please.

    Thank you.

  22. Zach said

    Hi Paolo,

    Have any more invites to share? I’d love to join you on there. :)


  23. Steve said

    If you get a chance, I’d like an invitation, too.


  24. Brian said

    Hi Paolo,

    I’m sure your a busy man at the moment but if you get a chance….

    I’d LOVE a Joost invite :)



  25. zele said

    Hi and Thanks a lot

  26. paolo said

    All sent guys, but I think that now they are avaible pretty everywhere!

  27. Nick said

    Available anywhere??? Like where?!?!?!?

  28. paolo said

    @Nick: I don’t know where! :)
    I’m just guessing it given the fact that now every beta tester has unlimited invites and remembering what happened to other beta opening (Gmail?).
    Have you received your?

  29. Tobin said

    I would appreciate a JOOST invite if you have any available. Thank you.

  30. paolo said

    Tobin: sent!

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