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Is there a genealogy web editor?

Posted by paolo on 17 January, 2007

I should investigate if there is a genealogy web editor. It’ll be fun to have an international view of people’s genealogy… we can do a site for it, can’t we?

Edit: I just found [via a spam blog that trackbacked this entry] that there at least two “genalogy software”on the web. The first is Family 2.0 that is closed now but will open as a public beta on March 2007, and and the second is Geni (tag’s “Everyone’s related”). Sometimes spam blog are usefull :) Now I’ve to find some more site like those…

Edit2: Geni looks really good. It suffers of being too new (I’m the 170151th ID) but it’s fully Web 2.0. Not really fast from here (Italy) but, I repeat, really good.


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