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Another little idea for Google

Posted by paolo on 28 June, 2007

Heya Big G,
how are you?  I’m fine, thanks!
I’ve an idea that can join two of your products and I’ve had it while surfing the web. Since I don’t use only your Google Reader to keep me updated but I’m also used to surf the web, and you own both Google Analytics and Google Reader… why don’t you mark on my Reader an article as “read” if I already read it given that you already know that I’ve read it (thanks to Analytics)?

Sincerely your,


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Google Transit

Posted by paolo on 28 December, 2006

I should write a program (Java? C++? PHP!) for transportation companies to output Google Transit feeds.txt for their routes… Once finished I’m going to be rich in no time.

Or Google will hire me and I’ll work in the best company in the world.

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