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Posted by paolo on 22 February, 2007


What a shame! Do you believe that a site could have be paid 45.000.000,00 €uros? And 80.000,00 €uros only the logo? And that site seems to come from the dinosaurs’ age?

There’s is a *double*, yes, *DOUBLE* flash intro, that although is skipable, it’s been showed to the user even if he already has seen it! Then there are also that UGLY URL that will not help Search Engines…

I don’t want to talk more about it and its MANY flaws. Only the word SHAME came to my mind and if I try to think of what kind of website (or “portal” if you wish) can came out from 45.000.000,00 €uros I begin to cry…

I want to thank all the Italian politicians because of that shame and for all the others shames they keep on doing every single day God give us!


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