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Debian Lenny, Lighttpd, PHP5 (php5-apc) and MySQL spikes

Posted by paolo on 27 November, 2009

On a clean server I installed Lenny, I used aptitude to install Lighttpd (1.4.19 a bit old, I know), Mysql, php5-cgi (with php5-apc).

Nothing unusual, nothing strange, no handmade modifications. I think that was pretty standard, but I found (thanks Munin) that MySQL was having big utilization spikes (and so was the server’s load) while admins of a WordPress installation where POSTing things, doing Uploads, etc.

Then I found someone on the Lighttpd forum having a similar issue with FreeBSD. So I tried to change the “” conf from “linux-sendfile” to “writev” and the issue disappeared.

I hope this can help someone else.


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My ADSL modem router journey

Posted by paolo on 1 April, 2007

I’ve just rebooted my 3Com ADSL1/2/3/+/etc because my ping on (I usually play DotA) was something around 500ms and with one of my site was around 1 sec. After the reboot I came back to my previous normal ping of 130-140ms for and 70ms with my site.

This the 4th router I’ve used here at home in quite 4 years. I’ve melted a Netgear, I tried a Korean one, an unnamed Taiwanese one (both throw-ed to the trash) and now I’m using this 3Com that I’ve bought for its name. I’m used to keep them turned on 24/7, using them with max 4 computer. Is it so hard in 2k7 to have an ADSL/modem/router that does its job WELL? What I’ve to buy next? A Cisco?

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