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Sex in the classroom

Posted by paolo on 26 January, 2007

A normal classroom assembly of the Technical and Commercial Institute “A.Capriotti” in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP – Italy) has been transformed in something very different (they say because of the desolating emptiness of the moral and cultural education of some students).

Saturday morning, during the usual school hours, in one of the freshmen’s classroom, there was (scheduled) one of the usual monthly class’ assembly where the students – without the teachers, as their rights grant – were supposed to discuss about scholarship things like their courses, their educational trips, the students’ initiatives and everything similar.

But during that hours some students closed the door to make something different: a boy and a girl got on the desk and began doing oral sex, in the presence of their amused classmates that arranged around the two capturing the view with their mobiles while another group of classmates – forced to tolerate? – went in a corner to escape the situation.

Then an explosion of MMS with videos and photos began to expand in the air thanks to the mobiles, reaching a lot of friends that sent in turn the photos and the videos to other friends, again and again so that the whole city was aware of the fact in a couple of days.

But some of the students, once at home, told the story to their parents. And also that the episode was not the only happened in their school. So some of the parents got enraged and went to the principal and as soon as Thursday afternoon she took some measures. Maybe also some legal charges have been applied.

The first measure of the principal has been immediate: 15 days of suspension from the lessons (but with the obligation of attending of the lessons) for the actors, with the notification of their family of the facts.

Now seems that the boy has left the school to begin a work while the girl is frequenting the lessons.

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