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Lighttpd css javascript js compress tip

Posted by paolo on 29 April, 2007

I don’t know why I haven’t thinked about it before, but with lighttpd it is possible in 30 seconds to manage sending the Java-Scripts and the CSSs compressed to the browsers, saving a lot of bandwidth against a little use of CPU.

I just added “mod_compress” to the list of modules in the array “server.modules” and
# {{{ mod_compress
compress.cache-dir = "/var/www/cache/"
compress.filetype = ("text/css", "text/javascript" )

in the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file.  Obviously I created the directory /var/www/cache giving to it the permission needed by lighttpd to write there.

That’s it. And that’s only a little part of the unlimited powers of Lighttpd!


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RailRoad diagrams generator

Posted by paolo on 12 April, 2007

Today I found a fantastic script in Ruby that take in input a RoR application and output the model and the controller diagrams. It’s very very handy, usefull and well done. It’s called RailRoad (as you guessed from the permalink of this post).

I should write one for CakePHP :P

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The Sartorialist

Posted by paolo on 7 April, 2007

What about a Web 2.0 user-driven web-site TheSartorialist-like where people upload photos of other people from the street, and then judge them, so that all togheter can “study” what’s going on in the streets? I would love a site like that. Paolo wanna try to code something? What? Do you don’t have time? But this can be your occasion! We already have someone that can do the graphic interface FOR FREE, he’s reading us…

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Captcha with sound

Posted by paolo on 1 February, 2007

I should write a library/extension/whatever to have a CAPTCHA in PHP with an mp3 sound for the accessibility. Or at least I’ve to check if someone already wrote something :)

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Is there a genealogy web editor?

Posted by paolo on 17 January, 2007

I should investigate if there is a genealogy web editor. It’ll be fun to have an international view of people’s genealogy… we can do a site for it, can’t we?

Edit: I just found [via a spam blog that trackbacked this entry] that there at least two “genalogy software”on the web. The first is Family 2.0 that is closed now but will open as a public beta on March 2007, and and the second is Geni (tag’s “Everyone’s related”). Sometimes spam blog are usefull :) Now I’ve to find some more site like those…

Edit2: Geni looks really good. It suffers of being too new (I’m the 170151th ID) but it’s fully Web 2.0. Not really fast from here (Italy) but, I repeat, really good.

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Google Transit

Posted by paolo on 28 December, 2006

I should write a program (Java? C++? PHP!) for transportation companies to output Google Transit feeds.txt for their routes… Once finished I’m going to be rich in no time.

Or Google will hire me and I’ll work in the best company in the world.

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HTML Purifier WordPress plugin

Posted by paolo on 27 December, 2006

I should write a WP’s plug-in for the fantastic HTML Purifier. That would be simple and the web will be a better place to live in, with children running in big green lawns, etc. etc. The plug-in should also have the ability to check the db for not-well formatted posts. But in a smart way to avoid PHP’s timeout… But now we are going too deep…

What does with HTML from TinyMCE? Let’s investigate.

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