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Posted by paolo on 3 February, 2007

Yes, it’s true. No-one of my friends would have believed me but I’ve jumped on the Vista’s train, thanks to the new laptop (my father) bought (me) a week ago. I’m using (micro-) computers since I remember (Vic-20, as Linus T.!) and I spent my life most of my day on a couple of them, so I think I can judge very well the experience that a SO can give me, ’cause, you can imagine, I’m a super-uber-geek-power-mega-user-TOGA-TOGA-TOGA :D

Well, Vista seems to be e a good SO, smooth, cool, secure, (not so) fast (as XP), and it surely helps the occasional user to be more productive but I think it can brakes the power-user a bit. I’m not talking of myself, ’cause I’ve just began using it, but mine is just a feeling.

My little experience is that I’m already trying to resist to the temptation to erase the HD and install a Gentoo to (feel the power of the Core 2 Duo) have more control as I know Linux better than Vista, BUT I want to resist ’cause I really want to give a chance to this SO! :)

I can’t hide that I’m not very impressed: in just one week I’ve already seen my Vista not showing me one Panasonic cam I attached to the USB and my wireless connection disappearing when I insert the PCMCIA Firewire to attach another cam forcing me to reboot the laptop to have it back… It’s not a good start. And Monday I’m going to call the MS tech support about that problems but I already know how it can be to call such a big company…

Update1: can’t copy 3-4 Gigabytes of files from another pc via wireless (using normal Windows’ share). The connection timeout. Holy crap!

Update2: can’t view my XviD! Windows Media Player just make me hear the sound, and so does VideoLan… Holy Crap2!

Update3: changing an option in VideoLan (Yuv->RGB hardware conversion) my XviD are back.

Update4: ArchiCAD10 crashed every click I do :\

Update5: Active Virus Shield can’t finish the installation :\ Damn Vista!


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