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Lost, Heroes and Prison Break

Posted by paolo on 7 August, 2007

Wow! Prison Break rocks! After watching Lost (1, 2 & 3) and Heroes (1), while I’m finishing with PB, I can now say that Prison Break is the most beautiful. It really rocks. The story is perfect: not too much complicated, the actors are perfect in their role so the characters that are well represented, it’s full of turn of events… It’s a “Wow!” when you watch it. Even if, I’ve to admit it, it’s with the second series of episodes that the story got me so hard, in the part when they are out of prison.

In the next week I’m going to watch the last four episodes and then I’ll be free from TV Series till October/November.


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Another little idea for Google

Posted by paolo on 28 June, 2007

Heya Big G,
how are you?  I’m fine, thanks!
I’ve an idea that can join two of your products and I’ve had it while surfing the web. Since I don’t use only your Google Reader to keep me updated but I’m also used to surf the web, and you own both Google Analytics and Google Reader… why don’t you mark on my Reader an article as “read” if I already read it given that you already know that I’ve read it (thanks to Analytics)?

Sincerely your,

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Saturday, Metro Olografix Hackin Party

Posted by paolo on 17 May, 2007

At the beautiful Palazzo Sirena, Saturday and Sunday will take place the Metro Olografix Hacking Party. After looking at the abstracts I think I’ll go on Saturday, after the lunch and I’ll come back home before dinner if I don’t meet someone I know or I know someone I meet :)

May the TomTom be with me! Just kiddin: it’s only 90Km south and the road is plain simple.

See you there!

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Joost goes live

Posted by paolo on 1 May, 2007

As I’ve just read on [via Digg], and tried myself, Joost finally decided to give unlimited invites to existing testers!

So, if you want one… as the previous post… just ask again if you doesn’t have received one because now they are unlimited :P

( Maybe a lot of other people are going to spread Joost, so I’m not going to cry if nobody comments this :D )

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Lighttpd css javascript js compress tip

Posted by paolo on 29 April, 2007

I don’t know why I haven’t thinked about it before, but with lighttpd it is possible in 30 seconds to manage sending the Java-Scripts and the CSSs compressed to the browsers, saving a lot of bandwidth against a little use of CPU.

I just added “mod_compress” to the list of modules in the array “server.modules” and
# {{{ mod_compress
compress.cache-dir = "/var/www/cache/"
compress.filetype = ("text/css", "text/javascript" )

in the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file.  Obviously I created the directory /var/www/cache giving to it the permission needed by lighttpd to write there.

That’s it. And that’s only a little part of the unlimited powers of Lighttpd!

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Joost invite

Posted by paolo on 21 April, 2007

Well, I’ve got a couple of Joost Invites and nobody of my friends knows what Joost is wants it. So I think I can give them out just here. I’ve thinked about it after looking at the actual second place of the Technorati’s “Top searcheas” that looks like the title (and so the permalink) of this post… Let’s see if they are so popular like it seems…

Edit: sorry guys! No more invitation left! :(

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RailRoad diagrams generator

Posted by paolo on 12 April, 2007

Today I found a fantastic script in Ruby that take in input a RoR application and output the model and the controller diagrams. It’s very very handy, usefull and well done. It’s called RailRoad (as you guessed from the permalink of this post).

I should write one for CakePHP :P

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Posted by paolo on 11 April, 2007

As in the other post about natalykorah today I’ve found “votnutingin” ( that will be banned by the Blacklist Registration Plugin I’ve installed. See ya votnutingin.

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The Sartorialist

Posted by paolo on 7 April, 2007

What about a Web 2.0 user-driven web-site TheSartorialist-like where people upload photos of other people from the street, and then judge them, so that all togheter can “study” what’s going on in the streets? I would love a site like that. Paolo wanna try to code something? What? Do you don’t have time? But this can be your occasion! We already have someone that can do the graphic interface FOR FREE, he’s reading us…

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My ADSL modem router journey

Posted by paolo on 1 April, 2007

I’ve just rebooted my 3Com ADSL1/2/3/+/etc because my ping on (I usually play DotA) was something around 500ms and with one of my site was around 1 sec. After the reboot I came back to my previous normal ping of 130-140ms for and 70ms with my site.

This the 4th router I’ve used here at home in quite 4 years. I’ve melted a Netgear, I tried a Korean one, an unnamed Taiwanese one (both throw-ed to the trash) and now I’m using this 3Com that I’ve bought for its name. I’m used to keep them turned on 24/7, using them with max 4 computer. Is it so hard in 2k7 to have an ADSL/modem/router that does its job WELL? What I’ve to buy next? A Cisco?

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